Tips From Semalt On How To Block Unwanted Referral Traffic

The expert of Semalt Digital Services, Nik Chaykovskiy, conveys crucial information on how to cope with unwanted referral traffic in the twinkle of an eye.

Most often, we receive a large number of emails and messages on social media about irrelevant and unwanted traffic. Let me here tell you that this type of traffic comes from spam websites and has nothing to do with authenticity. Instead, it will spoil your Google Analytics and can lead Google to disable your AdSense. That is why you should get rid of fake and non-genuine traffic as early as possible.

For both small and large businesses, SEO is important as their websites cannot get good ranks without it. Here I have prepared some tips and useful information in this regard:

Get rid of all visits from spiders and bots

First of all, you should exclude all of the visits that come from unknown spiders and bots. That can be done by adjusting your settings in the admin panel. Google Analytics provides us with lots of facilities and filters to choose from. They will let us prevent the arrival of bots and spiders that are harmful to our website and its overall reputation.

Difference between Referral Spam and Ghost Spam

In the course of this article, I'm going to provide our readers with information about how to differentiate between referral spam and ghost spam. Let me here tell you that ghost spam directly hits your Google Analytics. It is harmful to your Analytics, while referral spam occurs when your website gets fake traffic, visits, hits, and promotions. It is very important to stop these spamming referrals as early as possible. Some of the websites use filters to halt the spam from coming to them. You can also adjust your settings and create a number of filters.

Always block suspicious forums/websites

It is very important to block dubious forums and all other spam referrals. For this, you should go to the admin section and create filters. Block as many IPs as possible to ensure your safety on the internet. While doing so, you should be careful as putting URL correctly is very important. In case, you have put the incorrect URL, you are likely to lose your access to Google Analytics or will get blocked from it for several weeks. This method is helpful only when you are to block spam referrals in a large number. It has nothing to do with ghost spam and cannot work with that at any cost.

You can also block multiple URLs with this technique. Block spam language in Google Analytics It is mandatory for us to block spam language in Google Analytics. For this, you should log into your Google Analytics account and select the custom filter option. Then you would have to adjust your language settings and click on the Go button to get activated. Filters usually take twenty-four hours to work correctly. You can verify as many filters as you want once this time is passed. A maximum of 255 characters are allowed in the filter pattern and should be added to avoid ghost spam to a great extent. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. With these tips, you can easily keep your Google Analytics save from ghost spam, wrong and illegal traffic.